Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Shimelle class - first layout

Well I did it - I finally made a layout from the Pretty Paper Party class by Shimelle. The idea was to use those little scraps of paper to make something new.

First, here is a piccie of some of the papers I chose.

Hopefully you can see the bits and pieces that had already been cut out of them by my dear daughter (and used to decorate her dolls' house!). Well, I chopped what was left into strips and just went for laying the strips out to echo the grass skirt my other dear daughter (and her horse) is wearing in the photo. The picture is terrible quality - couldn't find my good photo paper at first, and now it's run out of ink so I can't reprint. It's of a competition at my daughter's old riding school where you had to dress up your pony. She and her pony wore matching grass skirts and leis and she won first prize, even beating the pony painted to look like a zebra which I thought was pretty neat. Oh, and if you ever need a grass skirt to fit a pony, believe it or not I have one!

Off to go and drool over the next prompt.

Happy scrapping everyone.


Debbie P said...

What a fun layout! Wow, you did use up a bunch of your stash. Good for you. Love the little shirt and skirt embellishments.

scrappyjacky said...

A great way to use up loads of strips.On the forum the place where you attach your photo is underneath the comments box.

Scribble Monster said...

Great layout, love it. I also think you will be a useful blogger to know, a grass skirt for a horse? You never know :)

Jen said...

I'm really impressed with the amount of different patterns! I like the way they overlap because it matches the texture of the grass skirt :)