Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Chunky ATC - Octopode

I think this is my final crafty swap for the year over on UKS and it's yet another chunky ATC. This time my theme was alternative/freaky/bah humbug! Ironic really, as that was also the theme I had chosen for mine. I hope the Octopode images I used are freaky enough and I used a couple of sentiments which I hope also fit the bill.  I painted the backgrounds to two chunkies and glitzed up the Octopode images with some glitter and glossy accents. The snow globe and the gingerbread house have teeny tiny lights behind them - press the door knob on the house or the red button on the little snowman and you get 20 seconds of randomly flashing little lights (you can just about see in the photos). The colours are much better in real life, so much more vibrant, and there is lots of sparkle but none of that shows up because the light is poor and the borrowed camera I'm using hates me! Oh well. Apologies to my swap partner for it being late but they will be on their merry jingly way tomorrow.

Here you can just about see the lights on the fronts.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Vampire Burlesque Altered Fish Tin

This is what I love about swaps - you get some unusual requests that you wouldn't have thought to do yourself. This one was for an altered fish tin on the theme of Vampire Burlesque. What a great theme.  However, a real pain to work with as in my head my tin looked great but getting the physical reality to match that image proved extremely tricky. In fact they don't at all (I ended up doing two tins for the fun of the theme) and I think I have something better still in my head - it just needs a better person than me to make it!

Apologies for the photos - they were taken in a hurry with my daughter's camera which I couldn't figure out - techno dufus me! Hopefully you get the idea. I made them as hanging tins with dangly bits and made the fimo vampire lips myself for the one on the right and the illustration for the one on the left is from here as it was just too perfect.

I really did enjoy doing this but it has taken way longer than I expected so I have a few other bits to catch up with now.

Have a good one.