Monday, July 30, 2012

Sewing Room Chunky ATC

Ahhh, another day, another swap. This time it's another chunky ATC and my those things are addictive. This one is for Chrissie, the swap host, so no pressure then. She wanted a sewing room themed chunky so I thought I'd take her literally and giver her a mini sewing room. And here it is.

One side - probably the back. I stamped the button image on the top bit but you can't really see what it is until you turn it round.

This is the other side - I guess that makes it the front (der!) and this is Chrissie's miniature sewing room.

The table and chair were a yucky off green colour until I repainted it and stamped the phrase on the top. It has a miniature sewing machine, button box, box of threads, opening scissors and knitting bag.

The drawers open to reveal a tape measure and more threads.

The sewing machine also slides off its base to reveal more sewing related bits and bobs.

There is also another sewing machine in the package which is a fridge magnet.

Beware Chrisie - the sewing machine, bag and scissors are NOT stuck down (deliberately so you can arrange them as you like) and the contents of the drawers are also loose, tiny and will fall out if you open it upside down.

A huge thanks to Karen for getting some of the bits sent over to me and to Chrissie for hosting another great swap. I hope you like it Chrissie.

Have a good one!


LexiLindley said...

OMG this is AMAZING ...
I want it lol :)

Karen said...

Oh wow ....fantastic and if Chrissie doesn't want it I will *pushes Lexi out of the way lol*

Have you been raiding the girl's dolls house for that table and chair?

Jane said...

Holy cow, that is the most amazing Chunky ever! (did I mention that I sew too, by the way? just in case you feel the need to make another one? LOL!)

I want it. More than Lexi, and Karen and Chrissie and anyone else who says they want it...!!

CJ said...

Way to go Rebecca! That is quite simply stunning - such tiny detail and just completely inspired! Fanbloomingtastic. I want to be your swappee next time :)

Sue said...

WOW!! Thats adorable and SO clever!

Emilie said...

Oh wow! This is soooo cool and cute! I love it!!!

Claireliz said...

That is stunning, brilliant.
C xx

Mini said...

Oh my word that is stunning.
Sue x

House of Bears said...

Wow, a friend suggested your blog, no wonder, you are very talented.