Friday, August 31, 2012

Shakespeare Domino Book

The latest swap I've been doing in a domino book. There are some gorgeous examples out there but they are very fiddly to make, especially with my fat fingers! This time, my theme was Shakespeare. There is a lot of scope with that, but I ended up doing a two sided book to illustrate two of his plays - a comedy (A Midsummer Night's Dream) and a tragedy (Romeo and Juliet). The illustrations inside the book are taken from various old paintings and I am indebted to The Illustrated Shakespeare for most of the images.

So, without much ado about nothing (sorry!) here is the book. I'm entering it in The Stamp Man Challenge Blog as the theme this week is alter it. The dominoes, and indeed  my Cluedo dagger, have certainly been significantly altered.

The front cover of A Midsummer Night's Dream, with trees, fairies, fairy wings, hearts and flowers to represent the story.

And the inside with a quote and some illustrations.

The Romeo and Juliet cover with a tiny bottle of poison and an altered dagger from my Cluedo set, plus a double skull charms, roses and a star.

The inside of Romeo and Juliet.

The side view - it's surprisingly substantial for such a tiny thing.

 And here is the gorgeous one I received from Jasmine for my theme of Edgar Allan Poe. It arrived in this gorgeous box and it's beautiful as you can see. Thanks jasmine, I love it.


Jayne said...

Wow both lovely but I love your take on the domino Awsome.

lainey said...

fantastic work :) lainey x

Zoe Sanderson said...

WoW fantastic domino book combine that with the idea of a Shakespeare theme and its mind blowing. Thank you for making and joining us at The Stamp Man XOXO Zoe

Norma Gomez said...

Oh Wow, these are amazing! I'm gonna have to share this with my friend Carrie :D

Weasel said...

Wow! and wow some more - great job Rebecca!

Keren Howell said...

So much work in this piece and so beautifully done. Fab-u-lous!

Karen said...

Beautiful work (as usual) such a lot of work on such a small space :) Love both the sent and recieved domino books.

Jibba Jabba said...

That is absolutely gorgeous