Monday, October 8, 2012

Alice Themed Circle Journal

I've just started a new circle journal - Once Upon a Time - so I've chosen to base mine on the Alice stories by Lewis Carroll. Now, I've seen a couple of other people's starts and they are stunning and mine looks quite dull, but I struggled with the covers I wanted to do and instead went for something plainer that would at least protect all those lovely entries.

This is my cover to keep the page protectors from getting damaged. I want to stick the finished pages into a book but postage costs make it cheaper to send it out like this.

The inside of the cover, with the rules by Royal Command of course!

The sign in page - I decorated envelopes with little labels to look a bit like tea bags (well, if you squint and the light's bad!) and some characters and there are little tags inside for people to decorate.

I quite like the 3D look when you take the tea bags out.

And this is my first entry.

I'm really looking forward to getting this back - there is lots of superb talent in the CJ so it will look amazing I'm sure.

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