Thursday, January 10, 2013

Collaged postcards swap

I'm doing a wee swap at the moment - just collage. Do you know what that means people? No ink, paint or sprays! So out of my comfort zone here. Anyway, here are my backgrounds, to be covered, sorry, prettied up, by some of the other artists over at collaborART.

Cheers and thanks for looking :) Have a good one!


Sarah said...


these are so fabulous already, I'm glad I'm not the person after you on the list as I wouldn't want to add a thing!!

Irene said...

Oh WOW these are amazing

biskit said...

These are great! Agree with Sarah, especially with the top one. I love it as it is.

Carmen said...

I am worried. These are gorgeous - how do I add without wrecking? Aaargh.