Sunday, May 12, 2013

Dragon Chunky ATC

This is a swap for Frances. Now, she makes the most fabulous chunkies herself (see her blog) so it is really hard to make for her. Plus, I did one for Frances on the last swap. Plus, it's dragons! I don't have a good picture at the moment - only this one (note to self - must update) but here is my effort. And boy, was it an effort. Air dry clay was too brittle so I redid it in Fimo, plus the gold leaf is not behaving well!

Crappy photo taken from a borrowed ipod (I neeeed a camera!) but hopefully you get the idea. The chunky is covered in gold leaf with the Fimo dragon wrapped around it (and guarding it, obviously). Perched (but not stuck) on top is a treasure chest made from a cat food box. I'm actually pretty pleased with how that turned out - the rest doesn't quite match the vision in my head but hey ho. Having said that, my eldest made the dragon's head and I think that came out pretty well, so thank you Alex. The treasure chest does have contents - is Frances brave enough to face the dragon to find out ....?


new2this said...

No good .. I couldn't resist peeking, and I an sooooo glad I did - he is fabulous!!! I shall be storing up my dragon treats .. you know the ones, the "you can have these if you don't eat/claw/burn me" ones!!!


Jane said...

That is gorgeous Rebecca, I thought the chest was a dolls house one it looks so good, and you are really clever with fimo too cos the dragon is amazing!

Carmen said...

This is a stunner - love how he's curled round the chunky eyeing his loot :D