Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Elf door

As a follow on to the Halloween witchy door I have made a Christmas version. Except it's not a door - ooops.  Well, if the big guy can make it down the chimney then I'm sure his litle elf helpers can do the same, so here is my Christmas fireplace.

This is the front, with a little fire, handmade little snowmen in what is supposed to be snow but actually looks more like raging fog.

And the back. The fireplace is made from 12 little matchboxes and each one has a little present inside for my swap partner. The out of place black thing hanging in the middle is the control for the lights around the mantlepiece.

Please excuse the crappy photo but I forgot to adjust my camera and it did not like the flashing lights, but as you can see it does light up. The fire is also a little light (switch under the bottom).

I have added in a few extra bits (stockings, candy cane, etc.) that my partner can use to decorate it further if she so desires, and I hope she likes it.

Cheers. Bex

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