Thursday, February 2, 2012

Little Book of Secrets Swap on UKS - part 3

Now that I know my swap partner has received it, here is the second little book of secrets I did for Sian (Violaceous). I struggled with the book part (again) but certainly enjoyed shopping for the bits. I hope she likes the samples of space and moon dust that she has both on the cards and the necklace.

And Sian made one of mine - Mexican Day of the Dead. Now sadly I can't show you yet as I've lost my camera (again!) but there are details on her blog here (although it's even better in real life). Also, check out her CJ on Marilyn Manson here - it's just so perfect Sian.


Karen said...

That is lovely Rebecca ... no wonder you love it Sian - so many pages too :)

viv said...

What a lovely book, Rebecca. I love the theme