Monday, January 30, 2012

Art Journey on UKScrappers

I have always loved the look of art journals, but never thought I could do one.

Well, there is a course going on over at the lovely UKScrappers site so I thought I would join in and just have a go. Normally when I do layouts it all ends up being matchy matchy and I just thought it would be good to loosen me up a bit (well, a lot actually). As Leanie says - there are no rules, there are no police!

So here's my first ever attempt at an art journal. The theme was consumerism based on packaging from stuff you had bought. There are two main things that I buy that I don't need - chocolate and crafty stuff - so I thought I would incorporate bits of both of those on my page. The foil heart shape (well sort of) is made from a chocolate wrapper and the background is covered with bits of old scrapbook paper that I will probably never use as I have fallen out of love with it now. I also stamped with some bubble wrap from yet another online crafty purchase.

I hand drew (very badly) the woman with shopping bags and he journaling and liberally applied paint everywhere. It was great fun to do and means something to me, which is the point I think.

Thanks for looking.



Anne said...

First shot??? God, that's a beautiful page, really love it. Oh and if you find the answer to the question, please forward. Extremely interested in the answer, lol. xx

fatmonica said...

I feel like I've commented on this already but if not I'll say it again-it's a great background and I love the statement-so true!

Charmayne said...

How can you say the woman is drawn badly? If you sold it as a digi stamp, I would buy it! I think it is beautiful and meaningful too.