Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Year, New Post

Hello again, and a happy and healthy new year to you all.

I haven't posted much because Christmas was hard for me as it was the first since my lovely daughter Isi died. However, it's done now and I'm trying to look forward to the new year.

This is my latest LO and it's (shock! horror!) a digi one. Most unlike me I know, but as DH kindly bought me Photoshop Elements for Christmas it would be rude not to try it out.

Anyway, papers and stuff all came from Tangie Baxter and can be found here.

I'm so in love with the Mexican Day of the Dead festival artwork at the moment and it seems so fitting for scrapping pictures of Isi. The text - smile ... when you think of me - comes from a song that we played at her funeral. I was looking through my photos and came across this little group and it did make me smile (and also cry). I've submitted it for the UKScrappers monthly challenge as it's based on their sketch.

Sorry it's a bit of a sad post, but these photos really did make me smile and that's a good thing.

Take care everyone, and thanks for looking.


Nadia Cannizzo said...

Happy new year. I hope it wasnt too hard for you..you are in my thoughts often and I just don;t want you to think I feel sorry for you but ..I just think how incredibly hard it is what you went through. I am touched by your story beyond words can express. Take care and happy 2012.

mandy charlton said...

It's a gorgeous LO, my first attempt at Digi was nowhere near this good, haha

It's as bright, happy and cheery as your daughter so obviously was :)


Anne said...

It's a beautiful LO Rebecca and I love Isi's pictures. Well done ! xx

Ali said...

Amazing digi and a lovely way to remember the little things like expressions. Laugh and cry as you need to, it's normal after all you have been through.

Lynn Grieveson said...

I can only imagine how hard Christmas must have been. You made a wonderful page for her. XX

She said...

Beautiful LO Rebecca. Isi's photos are lovely....she was so beautiful...S xx