Monday, January 23, 2012

Little Book of Secrets Swap on UKS

I've started doing a few swaps over on UKScrappers and they're great fun. I dipped my toes gently into the waters with card and banner swaps but now I'm trying to finish off a little book of secrets. What's a little book of secrets? Well, it's a mini book with added matchbox drawers to put little goodies in, I decided to male two (and that way I get two back - yey!). My two themes were The Number Seven and Mexican Day of the Dead. Now, even before I had really got going on decorating my books for my swap partners I received this beautiful one from Jill, aka lemonblossom, on the number 7.

A huge thank you Jill - I love it and so do my kids, which is no mean feat as they are harsh critics! It arrived beautifully wrapped in tissue paper and came wwith extra goodies that didn't fit in the drawers.

Here are some pictures.

Apologies for the poor quality of the photos - it is so much more lovely in real life so I will try to take some better ones soon. In the meantime, Jill's blog is here.

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