Saturday, January 28, 2012

Little Book of Secrets Swap - Part 2

Having received my gorgeous book of secrets from Jill (thank you again) I decided I had better get on and finish the two that I'm doing!

Here's the first one I made for Helen (aka Tigs) on the theme of snowmen. I was a bit stumped on what to write about - I mean, they're fun and all but what can you say about them?

So first I did the shopping to fill the matchboxes (by far the easiest and least frustrating part of the whole process). There were 5 medium sized boxes to fill and it's surprising just how much stuff you can get in there. I put in white chocolate snowmen, snow glitter and snowmen brads, a Lego mini snowman (some assembly required there), a miniature Frosty the Snowman book, Russian nesting snowmen, a dichroic glass snowman necklace and a snowman charm bracelet. I also sent her a mini magnifier separately to help her read the tiny Frosty book if she wants to.

Now it sat there with the structure done and the boxes filled but I still wasn't sure what to write. I had to put a couple of Calvin and Hobbes cartoons in there - they make the best snowmen! I also made a flatpack snowman (complete with hand drawn flatpack style contents and assembly instructions) which was fun to do.

Anyway, here's the book. The photos aren't in the right order but you get the idea. I'm glad you like it Helen.


jill said...

Such a lovely book of secrets . Such fun making them .

She said...

Oh what a gorgeous book...Love Calvin and Hobbs too :-) S x