Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spoon Angel

I love swaps - they give me a great excuse to try out new stuff without having to live with the results!

One of the ones I have joined recently was a spoon angel swap run by the lovely Chrissie. Inspired by an article in Craft Stamper, the deal was to make an angel out of a teaspoon and stick it on a canvas. Hmmmm. I am no good at painting faces on anything that is not totally flat and I didn't get the swap partner who didn't want a face, so I had to think. A rummage through my pile of crafty stuff and my daughter's toy box led to a combi of silligum and an old doll. I made a mould, filled it with liquid fimo (love that stuff) and shaped it to fit the spoon. My swap partner wanted teal/purple/black as her colour choice, and that was it. However, I happen to know my swap partner a little and she is, like me, a bit of a sci-fi geek and likes Dr Who. So, going with her colourway, here is my angel, loosely based on the weeping angels and set in a spooky graveyard, with "don't blink" written underneath. I really hope she likes it.

Thanks for looking.

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Jane said...

That is stunning! I had an idea from your cryptic hints that it might be a Weeping Angel from Dr Who, and I was right! Never heard of liquid Fimo though, I need to go see what I am missing out on now! xx