Monday, March 24, 2014

Steampunk Altered Paintbrush

I am on a roll at the moment. I have also done two domino pendants but the photo is rubbish and they have been sent now. Not that this photo is much better, but hey ho.

My theme for this on was steampunk and I was making for Frances who made this amazing witch doctor altered brush for Lou. So, no pressure then! Mine is not as wow, but I think it does look better than in the photo. The face is made from liquid fimo from a mould I made, then painted to (hopefully) look like an old bronze so beloved of the Victorian era. The handle was covered with a door fitting and then the whole lot was smothered in watch parts. Reminds me of this fab song!

I hope she likes it.

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new2this said...

Ido, I do .. I most certainly do!!! She is gorgeous!!!!!