Thursday, April 12, 2012

Craft Screen Swap - Dragons

For my second craft screen (yes I am a glutton for punishment) I was given the theme of dragons - European not Chinese). Yikes and double yikes! Not my area at all. I thought about drawing some, even went over some tutorials on tinterweb but nothing could stop my hand drawn dragons looking like mutant my little ponies (or worse).

So, I had a change of tack and decided to go for more older, even medieval dragons. That got me thinking about the old maps where cartographers used to put "here, there be dragons" - except they didn't. Well, only on one but somehow the idea has taken hold. So, I found this lovely old map with lots of drawings of dragons and other monsters to put on one side of the screen with some dangly dragon charms. I also found an old black and white engraving which I hand coloured with distress inks and water brushes (and I am still amazed at how long that took) and put on the other side. I stamped and embossed the backgrounds with the same stamp but different colours.

And just for fun, and because I liked the image, I did a stained glass window effect screen. The blue dragon stained glass photo was printed onto acetate (some reversed) and put into gothic arches cut using a free gothic arch SVG from Monica's Creative Room. It doesn't look all that great in the photos, which were a rush job as I needed to get it sent quickly, but looks good with light behind it.

Whilst I was worried at the start I really did enjoy making these so many thanks to Frances for the inspiration and I hope she enjoys them.


Karen said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful :D glad the mutant My Little Ponies got ditched as your plan B is much better lol ! Tony just walked past the PC and said 'wow - she's good isn't she' :D :D Love them x

new2this said...

Like them? I LOVE THEM ... the stained glass looks amazing with the light shining through it and the frame has me thinking of gothic cathedrals with flying butresses and dragon water spouts!!! However long it took to colour in that sleepy dragon was worth it .. he's wonderful. THANK YOU SO MUCH.