Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Craft Screen Swap

Inspired by the lovely Linda and her screen featured on the cover of March's Craft Stamper I have been making a mini screen for another swap (I like swaps - can't you tell!). Linda's blog is here and it is full of fabbie gorgeousness so do pop over and it check it out - you won't be sorry!

Anyway, here is my effort (and it was an effort, believe me!). The theme of my screen was butterflies, grungey not pretty, teal brown and cream colours. Linda's had lots of lovely layers of stamping and I tried that, I really did as I have quite a few butterfly stamps, but they just were not working out. So many bits of paper and card were sacrificed in the process!

So, I changed tack and went for die cuts instead. It's a two sided screen so my swap partner has a choice of views. One side has some layered butterfly punchies I already had, which were stamped with small script and distressed to within an inch of their lives. I added some twirly branches and leaves all onto cream handmade paper which I also distressed.

The second side is much darker (sorry, not much cream there). It has some distressed patterned paper and I got to use my Tim Holtz butterfly die which I've had for ages but never known what to do with.

The colours look more reddish in the photo but I think they're more brown in real life.

I had a mare with adhesives (you can see in the photo a wing starting to fall off but I did reglue it) so I hope everything stays on. And I hope you like it Chris because it's on its way.


Karen said...

This is the official bit ... 'Thank you for joining in my swap' :D

This is the unofficial bit ... That is absolutely stunning and I bet Chris will love it, I know I would - very pretty.

fatmonica said...

It's gorgeous!

sutty said...

Beautiful...I have that butterfly die but not really used it thank you for some great inspiration :)