Thursday, March 8, 2012

Chunky ATCs

I showed before the chunky ATC I made. Well I have not one but two back (kind of makes up for the fairy door!). My theme was Dia de Los Muertos - Mexican Day of the Dead.

Now the first one I got back if from my friend Karen. She wasn't my official swap partner but she did this one for me anyway and I love it!

Her blog is here if you would like to see more of her fab creations. Thank you so much Karen.

My second chunky ATC came from Claire at Creative Momenets. It's gorgeous and I love seeing the way two people have interpreted the theme, both different and yet both have captured the theme brilliantly. Claire's blog is here and it is full of fab lovelies.

Thank you both - I love my chunkies.

And while this isn't a chunky it did arrive in the parcel with Karen's ATC. It's a sculpture carved from a beach rock by Karen's super talented hubby Tony. I wish I was half that talented. Thank you so much Tony.

And finally, here they all are having pride of place on my mantlepiece.


LexiLindley said...

awesome, and that stone is gorgeous too

Karen said...

Glad you like your chunky Rebecca - alhough the photo shows up all of it's faults lol ! the skeleton and his wonky grey (not white) teeth,I missed off the word 'los' on the back and on the little bottle, the rose that I had an absolute nightmare with ... to name but 3 haha !!

I love Claire's chunky too :)

There is a story to the stone but too long for here so that will need to be in a PM or email - but when Tony sculpts his stones, each bit, each different cut etc means something - I'll get him to tell you the story of your stone :)