Friday, March 16, 2012

Burlesque matchbox shrine swap

I have been hosting a matchbox shrine swap over on UKScrappers. The idea is to make a little homage to your swap partner's chosen theme from a matchbox, so here is one of mine on the theme of "Burlesque".

I started making a suitcase from the matchbox, covered it in black vinyl and overstamped pouting lips in black. I lined it with stiffened red fabric stamped with leopard print in black. The chain attached to the handle has a vintage solid silver charm of can can girls dancing – there is a little lever at the back so that you can make their legs kick up and down. Not quite burlesque but so cute I couldn’t resist it.

I filled it with things a burlesque dancer might have – fans, a mirror, miniature top hat with feather (bye bye monopoly piece!), nice undies, stockings, silver topped cane, two miniature books with (tasteful) erotic prints of vintage dancers, a feathered mask, glitzy high heeled shoes, feather boa and a miniature necklace. I also made you a pair of clip on earrings and a key chain with pin up girl charms and a little heart shaped scented pillow. The clothes and pillow have been doused in perfume by Dita Von Teese for a little extra zing. Finally there are a couple of Graphic 45 stamps from one of their curtain call sets, which I thought went with the theme.

Now, having done all that I decided it didn’t really fit the brief of a matchbox shrine, hence part two of the swap. This is definitely much more like a shrine. The inside is sort of a diorama of a vintage burlesque show. The tassel hanging down is the one that was attached to the Dita perfume bottle. And finally, I added a burlesque paper doll, from curly cue design, printed onto fridge magnet paper. She does have an outfit which is removable and nothing is left to the imagination underneath. My swap partner did say risque was okay by her.

I really enjoyed making this and I hope you like it Hannah - it's on its way.


karen said...

Absolutely stunning shrines and the attention to detail with all the added little bits just finishes these off perfectly. Your swapees will be delighted!

Paper Cadillac said...

I am so thrilled (as you already know) with these. There is so much lovely detail in all the pieces. I love the corset detailing and the suitcase and all of it!

After careful consideration I decided it might be best not to put the lady magnet on the fridge with the plastic alphabets and drawings of tortoises, she is amazing though I never knew you could get such naughty paper dolls, and what a genius idea to put her on magnet paper!

Thank you again, and thanks for hosting the swap I've had so much fun!!! xxx

Karen said...

Just as fabulous as the French suitcase too ... thanks for a fab swap :)