Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Frida Kahlo / Day of the Dead Chunky ATC

Another day (well, the same day actually!) another swap.

This was for a chunky ATC (basically a wooden block, ATC sized, that you decorate on every side). And decorate I did - my theme was Frida Kahlo - think Day of the Dead. Now I love Kahlo's work, and I love Day of the Dead (it was my theme for the last chunky I did). So, I decided to go hell for leather and make a little shrine or ofrenda for Frida, very much in the Mexican style. Each of the items on the shelf is representative of the kind of things that would be put on a shrine and it is covered in Day of the Dead charms. Unfortunately I took the photos before I added the tiny votives (every shrine has to have candles!) and forgot to take some after. Take my word for it though, the finished thing does have red candles in the gaps.

It is OTT but then all the shrines I have ever seen are - minimalism doesn't seem to apply here! I really hope Audrey likes it :)


Norma Gomez said...

Very cool!

Jane said...

Superb, I love the shelf and all the embellies!

Anonymous said...

I am the lucky owner of said chunky and it is sitting and being admired next to other frida stuff in the living room. It is even more amazing up close - thanks again Rebecca xcxc