Thursday, May 24, 2012

The taming of the Tinchie - Altered mini tin

Yet another swap (I like swaps - can't you tell!). This tine, it was altering a tiny little mint tin. Now, many thanks to Karen for hosting the swap and sending me a few tins to play with, and boy did I need them. The first tin is in the bin (and I hate to throw anything away), the second tin may be salvageable for something else, and finally the third tin came together (phew!). My theme was Vintage/Victorian. I love some of the things I have seen on this theme but I have never done it myself so it was somewhat of a learning curve.

I decided to make something along the lines of a Victorian love token (they were big on those in them days!). It is very distressed looking, but deliberately so (promise!) as I was trying to get the effect of an old love token that was battered and worn because it had been held and treasured over a long period of time. I hope I've achieved that effect and my swap partner doesn't think it's just a pile of poo!

Anyway, here it is: first the front. Altered Prima flowers. a crystal hat pin and a heart frame with an old photo. And I don't think it's that brown round the edges IRL, it's just the light!

Inside, hearts and flowers and a little pull out concertina book.

This is the book - from a Victorian illustration set.

And finally the back.


Claireliz said...

This is gorgeous, really stunning, I have one of these tiny tins somewhere, if I could find it I'd alter it lol.
C xx

Jane said...

That is so gorgeous, you have really made something special!

Ali said...

Wow Rebecca, that is an item to treasure - just beautiful.