Friday, June 1, 2012

Alice ATC Books (again)

ATC books are now finished! All 14 of them. I may be a bit incoherent from all the glue but I am so happy to see them all done and in their little boxes.

I took a photo of all the ATCS laid out so you can see them a bit better.

From top to bottom then left to right we have:
Octopode front covers (me)
Inside front altered from an old Alice book illustration (me)
Eat me, drink me from Lexi - love the stamping and the eat me drink me bits are so dinky
Alice from Jill with a fab imaginative composition and great colouring of a classic image
I'm late from Helen - some have great shrink plastic watches and the dymo tape works so well
Rabbit from Yolanda - love the stunning background that probably doesn't show in the photo
Keys, locks and doors from Sian - very imaginative with pull out bits
White Queen from Leanie which has so much detail that again is probably lost in the photo
Caterpillar from Jane with an amazing hookah pipe of wire, beads and glass
Mad hatter from Karen with inspired Mr Depp colouring and the teeniest eyelets I've ever seen
Cheshire cat from Suzy with such yummy backgrounds and such an apt sentiment
By Royal Command by Chris which is do detailed and perfectly done, even on the back
Raven riddle - Octopode again by me
Tweedledum/Tweedledee by Suzie with gorgeous details and great colours
The Queen of Hearts by Caroline with beautiful dimension and detail that you need to see in IRL
The Jabberwocky by Laura on corrugated card with a little mini book - inspired
Inside back cover from a curlycue steampunk mad hatter paper doll which I love (me)
Outside back cover - chipboard fabric covered embellished hat (me)

Well, that's it ladies and as soon as I can get down to the post office they will be winging their way to their new homes. I love how they are all so different and yet they all look great together.

Thank you all for a fabulous swap.

Some last pics before I go.

All of the front covers - all Octopode images but all different layouts. Plus the inside covers. The back covers are in the previous post. I have now added feathers to the hatpins but haven't taken a photo of them although you can see it in the one above.

I started laying them out but they are over a metre when fully extended!

And pretty deep too for such little books.

But they do stand up and don't take up too much room if you display them like this.

Or this.

I love mine, and I hope you'll love your too when they get there.


jill said...

Wow they look great , you've done us proud making the atc books for us Rebbeca .

Weasel said...

Hoy Cow they look stunning - can't wait to get mine now - Rebecca you have done a lovely job assembling these, thank you so much xx

Yolanda said...

Oh wow! they look amazing, thank you so much Rebecca for all your hard work <3

BEX said...

I knew some of you wouldn't be able to resist having a sneaky look!

Jane said...

Wow, they are gorgeous - you have put heart and soul into making these haven't you rebecca? Thank you so much, I can't wait to get mine!

Karen said...

I am speechless (doesn't happen often as you know) lol so I just ditto what everyone else said :D

The Octopode Factory said...

wow these are amazing!