Thursday, June 7, 2012

ATCs - Reservoir Cats and Warhol Einsteins

Just popping pics of the last two ATCs I made for the monthly swap over on UKScrappers. Quite a graphic style which is unusual for me, but both do have my current favourite of Octopode images on them, one on the front and the other on the back.

First, "Reservoir Cats", a little homage to one of my favourite gangster heist gone wrong films. I used the Octopode "Austin" cat for his sharp suit and general cool factor. Sorry about the bit of the back of a foam pad on Mr Blue's ear. I took photos very quickly before I had to send them off. I'm now worrying that it's stuck under there - oh well, not much I can do now.

I forgot to add last month's too, so here are 6 of "The 10 Einsteins", another little homage to both Andy Warhol and Albert Einstein.

Took a photo of Einstein and gave it the Warhol treatment in the style of his Marilyn Monroe pop art portraits, then added this to the back. 

Not sure whether the reservoir cats count as black and white enough but, what the hey, I'm entering it in the Octopode Challenge anyway. I always loved the bit where they're arguing over their names (Mr Pink not being happy) with Joe pointing out that they'd all want to be Mr Black.

Thanks for looking.


Karen said...

I LOVE these *note to swap host* :lol: so cool, can't pick a fave as I love all of them :D

Anne said...

I love them all, Rebecca. What a good idea !

Kirsteen said...

These are really cool - great idea :)